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Motion Concept

Design for the entire website re-design: 4 weeks. Oversaw the entire motion side Lots and lots of motion tests + concepts Working with a team + working in a fast paced project Ability to deliver + flexibility to come up with concepts + animate the same time. Communicated with the clients for their wants and needs to spice up the website. Provided numerious amount of motion directions to dev We took a very simple website and relied heavily on motion to make this site come to life. - Client provided us with inspiration links of microinteractions -- took that into account, and loved all the concepts.


Cameron Koczon
Josh Smith
Soundarya S.
Kim Inthraith
Rin Park

Engineering Team

Sarah Ji-Won Kim
Jake F.
Palantir team

Design Explorations

Globe Interactions

Header Explorations

Homepage Loading Screen

Senior Thesis at the School of Visual Arts

Independent Study Instructor: Enle Li
Art Direction: Sarah Ji-Won Kim
Design & Animation: Sarah Ji-Won Kim
Music: On the Clock by Brains & Hunch

Adobe Design Achievement Award Top Talent 2019
Featured in SVA Motion Graphics Portfolio Screening 2019